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DD2 Celebrates Junior Scholars

Dorchester School District Two announced it is represented on the state level by more than 100 South Carolina Junior Scholars from the 2022-2023 school year.

The SC Junior Scholars program through the SC Department of Education identifies eighth-grade students with exceptional academic and intellectual talent. Students have the opportunity to take the PSAT/NMSQT, which is an above grade level assessment that measures college readiness.

The program includes a process for screening using the PSAT/NMSQT, identifying and recognizing those students with exceptionally high scholastic and intellectual ability from the screening, and the offering of summer and weekend opportunities to these students in collaboration with colleges and universities and the SC Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics.

SC Junior Scholar candidates are the eligible students who scored 550 or higher on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing portion of the PSAT/NMSQT or scored 530 or higher on the Mathematics portion of the PSAT/NMSQT.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, families can refer their 8th grade student to participate in PSAT/NMSQT testing through September 15th on Parent Portal.  The cost of the PSAT/NMSQT is $18. Families will need to pay with cash, check or money order made payable to your student’s school. Results will be communicated to families in December. 

2022-2023 SC Junior Scholars by School:

Alston Middle School

Evan Bowles

Jasmine Bryant

Jonathon Cook

Satine Edwards

Emily Gomez

Alena Hinson

James Metzger

Cheyanne Short

Lorelei Sullivan

DuBose Middle School

Gentry Barr

Benjamin Dela Cruz

Emeryk Eang

Haley Grant

David Greer

Rodney Hannah

Devon Hauck

Ellery Liburd

Olivia Lynch

Caroline Moore

Caitlyn Poff

Kyler Scarborough

East Edisto Middle School

Alesia Bireescu

Rhys Brennan

Jacob McCray

Tristan Oxborrow

Kate Sparks

Hollan Sparrow

Kathryn Thorp

Gregg Middle School

Cyrus Anthony

Patrick Bock

Miles Burdiss

Benjamin Bush

Wesley Downey

Renee Dustin

Tula Hildebrand

Abigail Houck

Jordyn Hurst

Linus Ingram

Izabella Nelson

Tyler Pierce

Alexander Ray

Cozette Romero

Oakbrook Middle School

Chloe Asibey-Bonsu

Jaxon Bates

Mason Bates

Maurice Cannon

David Chronister

Zachary Dauphin

Lydia Horton

David Knobloch

Hao Yu  Lin

Erick Martinez Tovar

Cade Merfeld

Tyler Warne

Kyle Yu

Rollings Middle School of the Arts

Selina Cheng

Timothy Cornett

Olivia Dietze

Christopher Digennaro

Charlotte Erling

Kennedy Fowler 

Gianna Guse 

Philip Hammond 

Timothy Hammond

Caleb Haugh  

Luke Hazelip

Carlos Infante

James Jones   

Makiyah Kirkman

Bryce Kuhl 

Hunter Lane  

Emma Lemieux 

Katelyn Lim

Gloria Lyons

Nathan McHale

Angelina Mousset   

Camden Peters 

Samantha Pittman          

Tate Schrimpf 

Haylee Shoemake 

Ava Shoup 

Derek Smith 

Myles Smith 

Mischa Soderlund

Nikitha Sounderrajan 

Genevieve Stark

Webster Templeton 

Gabrielle Theriault 

Tarleton Thiessen 

Jackson Tracy

Juliana Walker 

Kasey Wells 

Lily Wilkerson

Jacob Williams 

Jonah Willmarth

Arno Yang

Zhang Serena

River Oaks Middle School

Mark Albrecht

Madison Gibson

Nilyah Glover

Taylor Monroy-Garduno

Duyen Nguyen

Evan Powell

Samantha Simiskey

Gracie Winn